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Your immunity has been a much-discussed topic, especially since 2020. Your immunity increases as you are more healthy and fit. Lots of exercise, healthy food and a good night's sleep contribute to this.
CBD can probably also contribute to increased immunity. Especially in combination with the right vitamins, minerals and superfoods.

For you we have made a selection of our products that can boost your immunity.


The effectiveness of CBD products is different for everyone.
There is no scientific evidence, because not enough research has been done on the effect of CBD. Findings are based on anecdotal evidence and CBD is by no means a drug. Whether it is the CBD or the other added ingredients in the products is difficult to say. In a spreadable product, for example, it is often the menthol that provides pain relief by causing cooling on the skin.
The information about the use of CBD or THC is only intended to give every person a free choice and to make this information available to those who want to use cannabis or hemp related products as self-medication. We always recommend that you always follow the advice of your doctor, treating physician or specialist.

Marcha van Glaanen Weijgel, CrossFite Masters Atlete


My immune system against all kinds of viruses is extremely important to me. The fitter I am, the less vulnerable I am. I eat clean, work out every day and take the CBDFx Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies and the CBDSPORTS Multivitamin daily to give my immunity an extra boost