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| SUPMEDI | CBD Argan Cream

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Treat yourself to vital, supple, and silky-smooth skin by relying on the soft power that nature grants you with this rich blend of organic argan oil, CBD and vitamin A! Enjoy mild and comprehensive skincare for deeply nourishing and protective effect. Your face is your way to show the world who you are, so naturally, you want only the very best when it comes to a face that beams with health – every single day and night. That makes choosing pure natural power the best choice for your facial skin, and you’ll find that power and purity in SupMedi CBD Argan Cream!

A face that beams with healthy looks, nourished by the purest natural ingredients: it’s your best impression and you should be proud of it! SupMedi CBD Argan Cream is a mild and nurturing facial cream full of powerful active ingredients drawn from nature’s bounty. Organic argan oil protects and relaxes the skin, while natural vitamin A imbues the deeper layers and profoundly vitalises the cells. Every night and every day, your favourite facial cream lets you show how great a naturally healthy look can feel!

CBD Argan Cream nourishes your facial skin through the stimulating effect of natural vitamin A. This active component permeates the deeper layers of the skin to reduce and prevent fine lines and pigmentation. Vitamin A promotes the generation of collagen in the skin cells, boosting your skin’s firmness and elasticity from within. This sophisticated facial cream provides a delicate interplay of natural vitamins, organic oils, and the finest CBD for comprehensive care and the silky-smooth feel of a face that shines with healthy looks.

  • Treat yourself to vital, supple, and silky-smooth skin
  • Let your healthy looks shine with natural CBD, argan oil and vitamin A
  • SupMedi CBD Argan Cream 50 ml contains 250 mg CBD

Water / Organic Argan Oil / Lanolin / Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) / Cetomacrogol Emulsifying Wax / Polyethylene Glycol / Glycerin / Sorbitol / CBD / Sorbic Acid


  • Not suitable for children under 4 years old.
  • Use within 12 months after opening.
  • For external use only.