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| MYO | Plant Based Nutrition | RESET | CLEAN GREENS | 10 Mg CBD per serving | 250 g |



An intelligent blend of traditional greens, seagreens and gut-loving probiotics. A nutritional and digestive powerhouse.


Packed with highly functional nutrients, to keep your body performing at its peak.


A quick, delicious and straightforward way to pack in vital nutrients. Like a green juice, on steroids

  • Greens, Probiotic and CBD Blend
  • 10mg CBD per serving
  • Contains gut loving prebiotics and probiotics, organic seagreens and other functional ingredients

Packed with nutrient-dense greens, prebiotics, probiotics and 250mg of CBD.

Myo RESET blend is a straightforward way to get those nutrients in with minimal effort.

Featuring stevia and a natural orange and lime flavour, say hello to the tastiest green juice you’ll ever try. An antioxidant powerhouse to RESET your body and mind.