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CBD and Yoga

CBD and Yoga

Yoga and CBD work together in harmony. This is the reason why many people participate in CBD yoga classes.

These classes are strongly focused on relaxation and attunement to your body: emotions, senses and thoughts.

Classes usually end with adding more CBD oil or using CBD lotions and ointments to soothe tense muscles.

Apply to your skin, eat, drop or swallow the CBD just like any other supplement. Check them out below:

The information about the use of CBD or THC is only intended to give you a free choice to use cannabis or hemp related products.

If you use medication, we always want you to follow the advice of your doctor, treating physician or specialist.

An interaction with CBD can affect the way your medicines work.

CBD for Yogi to drop or spray

CBD to apply to your skin

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CBD to swallow


A playful character from an early age and curious about what life has to offer.

Araliya has tested our products extensively and was very enthusiastic about various CBDSPORTS products

Her experiences:
more than 500 hours of Vinyasa / Jivamukti Yoga, Svaha Yoga
more than 200 hours of Movements Yoga
more than 100 hours of Yin Yoga Silence in Yoga
Pilates course OSP Ilka Recker
Pilates Ground Control Debby Jenner