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CBD and Extreme sports

You take risks and taking risks includes failure. Then CBD can help with the results of your failed trick if you don't land it.

You're used to sprained ankles, abrasions and bruises. You live on the edge.

Usually it goes well, but sometimes it doesn't. Before you have mastered that new trick, it often goes wrong first. Then CBD can help you to quickly be ready to continue until it becomes automatic.

Apply to your skin, eat, drop or swallow the CBD just like all your other supplements. Check them out below:

De informatie over het gebruik van CBD of THC is alleen maar bedoeld je een vrije keus te geven om cannabis of hennep gerelateerde producten te gaan gebruiken. Gebruik je medicijnen dan adviseren altijd om ten alle tijde het advies van je dokter, behandelende arts of specialist op te volgen. Een interactie met CBD kan de werking van je medicijnen beïnvloeden.

Swallow your CBD

Apply CBD to your skin

Eat or drink your CBD

Drop your CBD

Ronald Schuurbiers


Stand Up Paddle boarding, Longboarding, Mountain biking and Skydiving, it can't be crazy enough for me as an ex professional stuntman.

I take the Suppology capsules daily and the Freeze roll-on for when things go wrong again. I use the Gaia salve on the bruises.