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Strength Training and CBD

Powerlifter, strongman, or just a regular bench presser. You lift pounds like it's nothing. You snatch, clean, squat and deadlift.

A faster recovery from your sets is what you need. Faster recovery contributes to an increase in your training intensity.
Rest is important for your body to become stronger.

CBD can give you that recovery by reducing stress. By possibly experiencing less pain and by making you sleep better.

Just for you we have made a selection of our products that will help you with your strength training.

The information about the use of CBD or THC is only intended to give you a free choice to use cannabis or hemp related products. If you use medication, it is always advisable to follow the advice of your doctor, treating physician or specialist at all times. An interaction with CBD can affect the way your medicines work.

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Jeffrey Laterveer


Jeffrey is a strongman athlete. Strongman is mainly known as the sport in which you pull trucks and trucks, flip tractor tires and lift round concrete stones from the ground.

Obviously, strength is the skill that a "strongman" athlete excels at. And not just any force. Strongman exercises are always aimed at moving (often clumsy) objects from everyday life as quickly as possible.

A real strongman competition often consists of six exercises and lasts all day! Often 2-3 exercises are combined, they call this a "medley". .

The Talisman Freeze is my lifesaver.  I apply this gel with the roll on those areas that are sensitive and I have much less soreness and much less muscle pain since I use this freeze gel.