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CBD Outdoor Sports

Outdoor and CBD

Soccer players, hockey players and rugby players live towards the weekend all week. You train with your team for the game to come.

Nowadays soccer players and hockey players often play on artificial turf. Baseball players, softball players and tennis players know what gravel does to your skin when sliding. Abrasions are no stranger to you.

An artificial turf field also causes a greater attack on your muscles and joints. On the pitch you come into contact with your opponent, the ball or perhaps a goal post.

Bruises, swelling, concussions and a pulled muscle are all part of it. The nerves before a game? You recognize it all.

Supplements and muscle gels and ointment can help you to recover better and suffer less from all those aches that keep you from continuing to train.

Read more about how it works in OPA CBD's blogs.

The information about the use of CBD or THC is only intended to give you a free choice to use cannabis or hemp related products. If you use medication, it is always advisable to follow the advice of your doctor, treating physician or specialist at all times. An interaction with CBD can affect the way your medicines work.

You can apply CBD to your skin, swallow, drop, eat or drink the products that can help you.

TEAM CBD SPORTS collected them especially for your.

Swallow your CBD

Apply CBD to your skin

Drop your CBD

Eat or Drink your CBD

Nick Budgeon, Professional hockey speler at HGC Wassenaar


In my daily training and especially competitions I demand a lot from my body. Especially before going to sleep I am still bouncing in my bed, because of all the adrenaline after a match and the stress before a match, it is very difficult for me to fall asleep.

Muscle pain is no exception and injuries are unfortunately a part of it.

Recently I broke my collarbone.

I take the oil drops from Gaia Botanics every day and make sleeping a lot easier for me.

The Talisman Freeze roll on has helped me enormously in the recovery of my collarbone fracture


Hockey and CBD

Devindar Walmiki, Professional hockey speler at HGC Wassenaar


I take the oil drops from CBDialed every day.

The Talisman Freeze roll on is vital in my sports bag I use it before and after training or competition.

Together with my teammate Nick we play hockey at the highest level in the Netherlands

The level in the Dutch competition is high and it is sometimes hard.

A good recovery and coping with pain is therefore part of it.

With CBDSPORTS by my side, things are going a lot better.

Rugby and CBD

Litan Klooster, Rugby at HRC


Rugby player Litan Klooster was one of the first batch of #TeamNEXTGEN talent. A year later, he experienced the highlight of his sports career so far - participation in the European Championship in Romania with the Orange Under-20 years. 🏉

The Reakiro Cooling Gel is my life saver.

Rugby also consists largely of strength training, which is why the CBD and Sport Protein are in my daily routine.