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CBD and Golf

PGA Tour players are turning to CBD to relieve stress.

The days when people went out on four a round of golf with cigars and whiskey are long gone. Golfers are fit and train daily to handle a tough 18 holes.

Golfers also use sports supplements to stay healthy and fit. In case you haven't been aware of what's going on in the golfing world lately, Pro golfers on the PGA Tour are increasingly using CBD and are signing individual sponsor contracts with CBD producers.

This is due to a large group of professional golfers trying to find a natural solution to stay calm and healthy on the tour. That's right: CBD use (aka Cannabidiol, one of over 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis or marijuana plant) is now setting the new standard in the PGA Tour.

CBD has benefits that can help the golfer before, during and after the round. From a recovery standpoint, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce muscle and joint pain when playing golf.

According to a 2018 World Health Organization report, there are no adverse health concerns related to CBD use, nor evidence of public health concerns associated with the use of pure CBD.

However, if you are on medication prescribed by your doctor. Always consult your doctor first. CBD can interact with medication.

Do you want to apply to your skin, drop, swallow, eat or drink your CBD? Then you can  find the most suitable CBD golf product for you below. Tested and approved by the golf pro of TEAM CBD SPORTS.

CBD for golf players t apply to your skin.

CBD for golf players to drop under your tongue

CBD for golf players to swallow

To wear on tour

Fred Mol, golfprofessional PGA A:


My great passion is to teach golf to enthusiastic players.

Fred Mol is an enthusiastic golf professional (PGA A) who is very active with his golfers, friendly, but also wants to work towards a result.

He invites you to get acquainted and experience how much fun golf is. Fred has been working at Golfclub Heelsum (Renkum) since January 2016, where he trains golfers at every level, from beginner to single handicap.

Fred is also active within the competition circuit, he organizes a competition for the business community, competitions for his students, and every year he organizes some awesome foreign golf trips.

Every year Fred also attends refreshment course organized by PGA / NGF.

In short, Fred is a complete Golf Coach / Trainer, and enjoys improving your level.
Fred drips with Players Fuel.