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You are in the gym every day. You give everything for your ideal summer body.

In the summertime you have no trouble being on the beach. You cut, you bulk and you grow.

Six-pack for the guys, squat bottom for the fit girls.

You are completely in shape, but you also train very hard for that and you also leave out a lot of temptations that affect your shape .

Occasionally you take a cheat day, but the rest of the time you are working on your body.

Apply to your skin, eat, drop, scoop, or swallow the CBD just like any other supplement. Check them here:

The information about the use of CBD or THC is only intended to give you a free choice to use cannabis or hemp related products.

If you use medication, we recommend to follow the advice of your doctor, treating physician or specialist at all times.

An interaction with CBD can affect the way your medicines work.

CBD to eat or drink

CBD to  swallow

CBD to drop or spray

CBD to apply to your muscles and joints

Jiri Prochazka. WBFF Pro Bodybuilder.


4x World Champion + 1x Overall
🔸European Champion
🔸Czechia Champion
🔸Hungary Champion
🔸Manchester, Birmingham Champion


The protein powders with CBD are ideal. The Myo Repair is packed with macros that I need. My recovery is better and I can train more and more often.

The Green drops are my favorite CBD oil.

I use CBG before going to sleep.