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CrossFit and CBD

Mathew Fraser and CBD

You are a CrossFit fanatic. You are one with your CF community. You killed every WoD. Cindy, Murph, Fran, EMOM, AMRAP, you've scaled or RX-ed them all.
Your 1 Max Rep is getting heavier every day. You break your PR's almost every day now. 

Matt, Tia and Sara are using CBD and so are you from now on.

To improve your sleep, treating your muscle soreness or to recover just a little faster than you were used to.

Apply to your skin, eat or drink, drop or swallow your CBD just like all your other supplements. Check them here:


The information about the use of CBD or THC is only intended to give you a free choice to use cannabis or hemp related products.

If you use medication, we advise you to follow the lead of your doctor, physician or specialist at all times.

An interaction with CBD can affect the way your medication works.


 Apply your CBD to your skin

Arie Boomsma CBD
Arie Boomsma CBD
CBD Arie Boomsma

Eat or Drink your CBD

Drop your CBD

Swallow your CBD 

Marcha van Glaanen - Weijgel, Master Fittest Female of the Netherlands:


CBD helps me to recover fast from my workouts every day. I love the SOOL Gummies and I have been taking my protein shakes with CBD for some time now.

I am also using the Primal Health protein. It is completely plant-based and the macros are unparalleled.

For muscle or joint pain I usually take the freeze roll on, or in some cases a Pachamama balm if I am still a bit sore from my last WoD.