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How do you like your CBD?

1: CBD to drop:

CBD oil drops for athletes.

The CBD that you can spray in your mouth is also included in this section. You drop or spray the CBD under your tongue.

Or you drop into your drink.
Wait up to a minute before swallowing, so that the CBD can find its way into your body via your oral mucosa.
View our range of CBD for dropping here.



2: CBD to apply to your skin:

Athletes like to apply CBD directly to their muscles and joints.
The absorption is fast and works directly where it is needed.
Both cooling and heating gels with natural additives that provide relief.
View our range of CBD for topicals here.



3: CBD to eat or drink:

CBD sports supplements are booming.
The CBD and other natural food supplements are often used in combination with each other.
Energy drinks and gummies are popular to get out of your training dip quickly.
View our range of edibles, such as protein, pre-workout, post-workout and drinks with CBD, here.

4: CBD to swallow:

CBD to swallow daily is easiest through pills, tablets or capsules.
Capsules are easy to dose and often provided with extra vitamins, Omega-3, Turmeric and / or minerals.
View our range of capsules or tablets here.