10 best reasons why you should use CBD

Published on 31 January 2022 at 14:29
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CBD and all other Hemp related products are actually a must in your daily routine.



Hemp in all its forms really only has advantages. Of course I often say that the daily use of CBD (from the hemp plant) offers you many benefits as an athlete. But there is more than benefits for your body. From the seeds, the roots to the mature plant and all hemp-related products have more benefits you might been thinking of. Due to the high demand for CBD products, Hemp cultivation has started on a large scale in many countries. Companies such as Reakiro, for example, grow their own plants and do not exclusively make CBD products from hemp. Also part of the company is Hempire, which supplies insulation materials for homes.

The 10 benefits of hemp at a glance:

  1. Almost no pesticides are needed when growing hemp as it attracts very few insects.
  2. Hemp naturally prevents the growth of weeds. A better solution than using pesticides.
  3. Hemp grows twice as fast as cotton, which means that it can be harvested several times a year.
  4. Hemp is a fiber that is ten times stronger than cotton, so a garment or those thick Nikes made of hemp is very durable and lasts a long time.
  5. Hemp clothing feels soft, falls smoothly and is airy. It is stronger, wears less quickly, and absorbs odors less quickly.
  6. Hemp can be used as a 'cleaning crop' to purify wastewater. In Chernobyl, it is grown to clean up nuclear pollution in the ground. Various studies show that hemp cultivation creates better conditions for biodiversity than most other monocultures. In that respect you could say that a field with hemp is better for nature than many other agricultural crops.
  7. Hemp is a completely natural insulation material with excellent insulating properties. By applying hemp insulation you contribute to the reduction of global CO2 emissions.
  8. Hemp is so useful and durable that it can be used for everything from building houses to making paper. Some more popular uses for this plastic, in particular, include electronics, containers, toys, furniture, bottles, bags, and even auto parts. With so many uses for this eco-friendly plastic, it's easy to start converting your everyday plastic items to hemp plastic.
  9. It's probably no surprise that hemp is high on our list as a substitute for plastic. As one of the most common materials in everyday objects, plastic is extremely harmful to our environment. This is mainly because it is not biodegradable. However, hemp is 100% biodegradable.
  10. Hemp is also a good alternative to wood-based paper. As a result, a lot of trees remain in this world.

CBD or hemp seed is therefore not only good for your own body, but you also help growers to make the world plastic free and to be able to work on alternatives to many environmentally disruptive materials. With CBD you make the world a little bit more beautiful and your body a little bit healthier. How cool is that?

Roald Tromp aka Grandpa CBD is the founder of CBD SPORTS, Public Speaker with a background in Sports Leadership (CIOS Overveen), Sports Nutrition, Professional and Home Fitness Equipment and Education, Masters in Sales & Marketing, Ex-Baseballer, Footballer, Alpine Skier , Skate- and Snowboarder, Tennis & Ski teacher and  CrossFit and MMA addict.



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