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SPORTS is in our DNA

Published on 31 July 2021 at 17:19

Athlete: Gerardina Alleman 1949 4 X 400 relay.

Who's your mommy?

The dutch 4 X 400 relay team just missed a medal during the Olympic Games in Tokyo today. A huge achievement and we were jumping on the couch from excitement! What a race and how cool to watch.
Track & Field has been called the mother of all sports.

Speaking of mothers,.....
This relay photo was taken in 1949! In the photo on the right representing ADA, the women's division of AAC (Amsterdamse Athletics Combination), Gerardina Alleman. Gerardina, also known as Diny, married Casparus Tromp a few years later. Cas has finished 5 Eleven Cities Speed skating tours and was a very talented soccer- and baseball player.
By the way, Diny also participated in the famous 11 cities speed skating event. However, she stepped out in the 1963 edition of the Eleven Cities Tour. The insiders know why.

You probably already feel where this story is going.
This is OPA CBD’s mother! Sports are very deeply rooted in our DNA.
It is a great honour to be able to help athletes with our products on CBDSPORTS.nl. The fact that we are able to relate to what every athlete goes through is absolute. For a company that focuses on athletes, with sports supplements, that is a must in our opinion.
We really know what we're talking about. CBDSPORTS might still be young, our sports DNA goes way back in time.

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Roald Tromp aka Grandpa CBD is the founder of CBD SPORTS, Public Speaker with a background in Sports Leadership (CIOS Overveen), Sports Nutrition, Professional and Home Fitness Equipment and Education, Master in Sales & Marketing, Ex- Professional Baseball player, Soccer Player, Alpine Skier , Skate- and Snowboarder, Tennis & Ski teacher and  CrossFit and MMA addict.


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