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Why athletes use CBD Sports supplements?

Published on 12 May 2021 at 20:36

CBD and Sport, what type of product is best for you to use?

Athletes are all turning to CBD! Golfers, professional athletes, skaters, runners, CrossFit athletes, martial artists and also professional football players use CBD.
If you now think that they are all dropping THC with illegal cannabis oil, then you are mistaken.


CrossFit athletes use CBD

Ronald Schuurbiers: Master athlete CrossFit

The 4 main reasons why.

Since the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) removed the substance CBD from the forbidden substances list in 2018, more and more athletes use CBD on a daily basis for 4 main reasons:

  1. Your Endo Cannabinoid System (ECS) in your own body is responsible for Homeostasis. Homeostasis is the physiological balance in your body. When that balance is there, your body and mind will feel good. Good physical and mental balance is very important for athletes. You can perform best with a body that is in balance.
  2. Pain and inflammation disrupt that balance. CBD can help relieve pain. After a hard workout or an abrupt movement, muscles and joints can feel painful. Your experience of pain happens in your brain. Neuro transmitters give the neuro receptors a signal that the muscle is damaged or that you have stretched your ligaments around a joint too far. CBD molecules act on your receptors to attenuate the signal of pain. Think of it as a fiber optic cable that can transmit a lot of data. The CBD molecule disconnects half of that fiber optic cable and only half of the data can pass through. If this causes your internet to slow down, that's a big problem. However, if the amount of pain passed on in your body  to your brain the problem becomes a benefit, athletes find that very useful. You will  sleep better and therefore recover faster. If you also take into account that CBD inhibits the inflammation that will arise from the overload on your muscles or abrupt movement, you immediately know The number one reason for many athletes to use CBD on a daily basis.
  3. Exercise also causes mental stress. For many athletes, exercise is a way to relax their mind, but many athletes also suffer from stress before a match. Anxiety due to the pressure imposed on themselves to achieve a certain goal. Afraid of failing and disappointing your team or executing a certain move that you have not yet 100% mastered. Just think of taking a penalty kick or a put of half a feet that has to go in for an eagle. Anxiety and stress are good to give your adrenaline a boost and therefore be just a little more focussed to achieve great performances, but too much fear and stress can also cause you to miss that penalty kick, or leave that eagle put short.
  4. Sleep and recovery is nowadays the main focus for athletes to perform better. Top athletes who sleep well recover faster. All activity watches, such as the Polar, Whoop, Garmin, Fitbit and also your Apple Watch, are based on heart rate variability (HRV). In the Whoop you can even indicate in your journal whether you have used CBD in Mg and there are already many examples of users where the recovery percentage has been significantly improved because of using CBD!
MMA fighters use CBD

Reinier de Ridder: Two-time World MMA Champion at ONE Championships

What is the best CBD product to use?

Taken the 4 reasons in account why athletes use CBD, you can easily choose the product or multiple products you need by your personal reason to start with CBD.

  1. Homeostasis: In order for your ECS to function properly with CBD, it is best to take your ideal dose in Mg daily by using cbd oil drops, taking capsules or tablets or eating and drinking CBD products. You know your ideal dose by starting the first three days with a small amount (for example 25Mg) and after these days build up to the number of milligrams where you notice that you are more balanced. You use the different products throughout the day. A typical example of an athlete who uses CBD on a daily basis is a capsule in the morning. A gummy just before or during exercise when you can use some extra energy and the CBD drops in the evening. In some cases this can go up to 100 Mg per day! Depending on your sensitivity to the substance, your age, your injuries, your type of sport or the stress that your sport or work gives you on a daily basis.
  2. Pain and inflammation; If you take CBD daily, your pain and/or inflammation will be less, but we all know the examples when you can really have a lot of pain. Even if you are completely in balance physically and mentally. That harsh tackle, that baseball hit full on your face, that muscle in your back after your bunker shot or that fall with bruises as a result. The topical CBD products offer an ideal help for this. The roll-on works locally on the sore spot. Because your ECS not only has receptors in your brain, but also has receptors throughout your body, CBD works very well locally, where it is needed.
  3. Anxiety & Stress: We all deal with it. Especially now that Covid has been active in our world since 2020. Insecurity, fear and stress are common for everybody. Most athletes drink and eat CBD to reduce anxiety and stress. Just taking the edge off all the stress works very well for top athletes and amateurs.
  4. Sleep and recovery: All the previous three reasons to use CBD when you exercise affect your sleep and recovery. With pain you sleep restlessly. With stress and anxiety you do not fall asleep and with a body that is not physically and mentally in balance you spend all night worrying. You can take drops or a capsule in the evening. There are even CBD products with extra substances such as melatonin, valerian, and special terpenes that help to improve your sleep.

Amateur athlets use CBD

Marcha van Glaanen Weijgel and Alrike Veltman: CrossFit

Why is CBD interesting for every athlete?

In the 70's and 80's it were the bodybuilders who started using protein. Not long after that, all athletes followed. This is already happening with CBD too. Top athletes benefit from CBD, but the regular athlete can also have many benefits from CBD. Supplements are the most natural thing in the world for every athlete of all levels. So you don't have to be a professional top athlete to add CBD products to your daily routine.

CBD is still expensive and I already spend quite a few dollars on supplements.

Of course, a CBD product seems to be an expensive supplement, but the prices have dropped a lot compared to a few years ago. If you also consider that many of the supplements you now buy are also available in a version with CBD, replace your current supplements for supplements containing CBD and the costs are basically on the same level. Your multivitamin, immunity support, Omega 3, protein powder and bars, muscle and joint balm, magnesium pills, superfoods and painkillers that you currently buy can be bought with CBD and on average you will not spend much more than normal. All the more reason to buy a CBD sports supplement. Especially now that you can exercise again after a long time in lockdown. Get back to it and experience the benefits of CBD sports supplements right away!

Enjoy working out in your gym again!

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