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The last drop?

Published on 4 February 2021 at 11:40

CBD supplements in general, but particularly  in Sport is booming. Almost every athlete has already heard of the magic drops. A few drops under your tongue and you sleep, recover and perform better is the fast circulating buzz. The drops that athletes do know until now are for example ear drops when your ears are stuffy, especially swimmers and water polo players know them. Nose drops for a running nose are a favourite with endurance athletes and I used eye drops myself when I was still playing tennis. The gravel sometimes gets into your eye and that can be tremendously irritating. A few drops in your eye does miracles to regain a clear vision.

I also remember the eye drops from my time at Cybex Fitness Equipment. Once a year, the entire team of regional managers from all over the world gathered at the HQ in Medway, near Boston USA, to determine the strategy for the coming year. Cybex was the best brand in strength training equipment and we sat together for days to discuss the new developments in the fitness industry and to remain the best brand in the industry. Because of the fact that we were all active in different parts of the world, we saw each other very little. After dinner it was of course always (too much) fun hanging out with each other. The first thing our vice president of global sales John Young did early in the morning upon entering the conference room was to look us deep in the eye. If they were red, you were held not rested and not sharp enough to make a valuable contribution to the strategy session. Ben Wilde, Rob Thurston, Matt Evans, Per Gustafsson and I were always prepared for that thanks to the Visine Red Eye Original drops. Get the red out fast, stated the label.
Since the end of 2018 I have educated countless athletes to use drops with CBD, but I am not convinced that the drops are here to stay.

Have we taken the last drops? I'll try to explain why I think that.

CBD Sport Supplements.

The slide that I use here during the Weed Trade Show in Mexico City, for a lecture on CBD and Sports, dates back to 2018. I discuss the 9 main product groups of the sports supplement industry. While making the slide I had to dig deep to find a brand within each category that made such a product with CBD. In 2021 it is no longer very difficult to find such a product anymore. The CBD and SPORT market is flooded with brands targeting this specific group. Out of my head I can name a brand or 40 from various countries such as the USA, Canada, Switzerland, UK and Europe. If I really make an effort, I can give you a few hundred examples of yet another CBD Sport brand and / or product on the market. And there is no doubt there will be a few hundred more this year. If you want to bring out  another CBD SPORT drops brand or product now, think twice, you're not the only one .

In my opinion the importance for a CBD Sports brand is a background in sports, sports science, the knowledge of sports nutrition supplements completed with the right Cannabis and natural medicine expertise and the drive to really help an athlete with a product that complements a healthy and active lifestyle. If one of those points is missing in a CBD SPORT brand, stay away from it. The starting point must be: live and eat healthy, exercise regularly and ensure a strong and fit body with a high immunity against illness. If you on top of that need the extra help of a preferably natural supplement (with or without CBD), you might consider using it. This is not the case with a number of brands. Unfortunately, too often the hype and making a quick buck are the reason. With that idea in mind the obvious claims like you loose weight, it improves your stamina and so on are easily made them.
There are a few very good brands in my overview, but also a few not so good ones. It won't take very long before the major sports supplement manufacturers, such as Iovate Health Sciences International Inc., The Hut Group, Scitec Ltd, Weider Global Nutrition LLC and Optimum Nutrition Inc, will acquire or eliminate a lot of CBD SPORT brands from the market.

The last drop.

Most of these sports CBD SPORT brands have the well-known bottle with CBD drops in their product line-up. The oil as a carrier for the cannabionoids is sometimes different. Olive oil, Hemp seed oil, MCT oil are frequently used. The CBD used as an isolate, broad spectrum or full spectrum varies, with or without multiple cannabinoids such as CBG or CBN and added fruit flavours or nowadays also substances from natural foods such as Turmeric, Black Pepper, Goji berries etc. or water soluble from  Nano extraction, but the bottle  with CBD drops are made by all of them. If you look at the main product groups that exist in sports supplements: protein powders, iso drink powders, capsules and tablets (vitamins, Magnesium, BCAA, Creatine etc.), supplement powders, ready to drink protein, iso- and other sports drinks, carbohydrate drink, protein bars, carbohydrate and energy bars and other supplements, you will not find drops as a product group. In the CBD industry, however, drops are still by far the most important product group.

What's in the bag?

As a beginning golfer, I had the ambition to achieve a single handicap, I read all I could find about the right swing, sweet spots, back spin and equipment. There was always one item in the Golfer's Digest that had my greatest attention. What's in the pro's bag? Which irons does Tiger Woods play with? Which driver does John Daly use? What is Phil Mickelson's favorite putter? What do they all carry in the bag going out playing 18 holes? Every athlete has a number of fixed items in his bag. This is carefully prepared and packed days in advance and checked, double checked and re-checked before leaving. Some items are standard in the bag, such as sports tape, muscle balm, shower gel, Advil and protection gear. Other items are added to it in advance, such as footwear, clothing, sports drink, sports nutrition and the towel.

Maybe you already feel where I'm heading? As a sports supplement brand you want that permanent place in the athlete's bag! Whether it is the in advance prepared protein shake, the muscle balm, the capsules for pain relief, the energy drink or the favourite shirt with your logo. You want to be in the bag! Almost all athletes I coached of Team CBD Sports have already been able to throw a bag away 1 or more times through a leaking or broken CBD oil drops bottle. Myself included. All your carefully packed sports gear drenched in fatty oil is absolutely no fun.
Of course, you are supposed to take the drops at home two or three times a day. Under your tongue for a minimum of 45 seconds before swallowing, because the absorption of the cannabinoids by the body is simply best through your oral mucosa. Right? But it's a hassle to get the exact amount of milligrams from your dropper and it is also difficult to take your ideal dose if you have been able to find it. The majority of athletes will definitely try cannabinoids in some form by the end of this year, but will it be drops? What I really want to say is that taking drops is a bit awkward for an athlete and you are probably not going to get that spot in the athlete's bag with the tincture bottle.
CBD or other Cannabinoids are definitely going to get a place in that bag, for sure, but if you ask me it will be in the form of a muscle balm, roll-on gel, protein shake or bar, the ready to drink or home prepared energy drink, the pre-workout, the capsules against pain or full of vitamins or a CBD infused patch.

CBD in sports bag

Roald Tromp aka Opa CBD is the founder of CBD SPORTS, Public Speaker with a background in Sports Science, Sports nutrition, Professional and Home Fitness Equipment and Education, Master in Sales & Marketing, Ex- Baseball player, Soccer Player, Downhill Skier, Skate- and Snowboarder, Tennis & Ski Teacher and a CrossFit and MMA addict.

Copyright Opa CBD February 2021.

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