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Roald Tromp graduated at the  C.I.O.S. Overveen with the specializations Tennis and Ski. After a long international sales career at various fitness manufacturers, In 2018 he founded CBD SPORTS. He has witnessed the rapid development of CBD sports-related products in Canada and the USA up close. Europe and the Netherlands in particular are still far behind this development. Roald provides an open and honest picture of what an athlete, at whatever level, can and should expect from CBD supplements and provides an insight into the development of CBD products in sports.


Since the birth of Ramses Tromp this year, I can call myself Grandpa and I wear this title with pride. Opa CBD Train Mee is a series of instructional videos about CBD in Sport. In this series I train with the members of TEAM CBDSPORTS.


In my youth I practiced a lot of sports and especially during my C.I.O.S. Overveen, the duration of training was an average of 8 hours a day of heavy physical effort. My knees suffered badly. Personally, since using CBD, I have noticed significantly less pain and a marked improvement in my body's recovery. Indeed, CBD comes from the Cannabis plant and Cannabis has a negative stigma. It is even referred to as a Class I narcotic, among other drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Not really something that fits with sports. However, cannabis contains THC and CBD. You will not get a high from CBD alone. The cannabinoid known as Cannabidiol (CBD) comes from the actual trichome (hairs) of the cannabis plant, but it does not contain the psychoactive euphoric properties that THC contains. So I am talking about CBD, not THC. You will not find that component in CBD products. Always check the lab results of the products!
As an athlete, I feel that CBD is a safer alternative than the use of painkillers, such as ibruprofen and paracetamol. You often see CBD popping up in sports now. The MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) unions have begun to investigate the use of cannabis for its fighters in conjunction with pain management and concussion protocols. The CrossFit Games and the Wodapalooza in Miami have already been sponsored by CBD manufacturers.


Let me help you:


More and more individuals, entrepreneurs, investors, companies and even retired athletes are thinking about starting to enter the CBD sports supplement related industry, or have started a CBD brand already and want to expand their product line up with sports nutrition and hemp related products.

Know that the expertise and experience you will need is available.

-In house training of your crew on SPORTS and CBD
-Training on location of sales forces for your brand and products
-Product Development & introduction
-Brand and SPORTS industry personalized blogs
-Strategic consultancy
-Marketing & sales consultancy
-Seminars and presentations for your Expo

You don't have to invent the wheel, expertise and experience is here.


I regularly write and translate articles about CBD Supplements, CBD and Sports and general developments in the CBD industry.





Public Speaker / Seminars

How and why do you use CBD or how does the CBD sports supplement industry develop? An engaging presentation on the hype of 2020. Honest, open and a unique expertise combining sports leadership, fitness, international sales and marketing and cannabis.


Product Development

Are you about to market a CBD supplement? Do you want to know how athletes deal with CBD and what the latest developments in the market are?