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Why PlayersFuel?

Why not?


Playersfuel was started by a group of friends who, like everyone else, have experienced good and bad rounds on the golf course.

They've also spent a fortune on gadgets, new clubs, golf balls and instruction books & magazines that didn't really improve their handicap in the end.

Then they found CBD by coincidence. One of the members of the flight who was using it introduced it to the rest of them.

After some time, they hit the ball much more consistently and were soon dropping shots from their handicap at their weekend competitions.

Believe them or not, you won't know until you try it yourself.

Players Fuel en Fred Mol

TEAM CBD SPORTS: Fred Mol, golfprofessional PGA A:


My great passion is to teach golf to enthusiastic people.
Fred Mol is an enthusiastic golf certified professional PGA (A ). He is very passionate, compassionate to his students, but also wants to work towards a result.

He invites you to get acquainted with and experience how much fun golf is.

Fred has been working at Golfclub Heelsum (Renkum the Netherlands) since January 2016, where he trains golfers at every level, from beginner to single handicap palyers.

Fred is also active within the competition tour, he organizes a competition for the business community, competitions for his students and every year some very fun and exotic foreign golf trips.

Every year Fred also attends refreshment courses organized by the PGA  and NGF.
In short, Fred is a complete Golf Coach / Trainer, and enjoys improving your level.

Fred drops with Players Fuel.